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Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Five Friday

Today's Top Five is in honour of our buddies Andrea and Chris who are are getting married tomorrow!! YIPPEE gonna be a great wedding....

So Top Five fave things about weddings.....

1. Memories / Stories- I love the funny stories that come from any good wedding.. You know the kind you talk about for years to come. Like remember so and so's wedding where you.....

Here are a few pictures that show some of those memories for our group..

Not everyone got their treats that night.. Just saying!

21 Corona to go! Only in Vegas baby!!

We got to see Paster Rock and Roll it out(ha ha) even got the guitar!! Just like any great party with this guy..

When Rob finally got to go to Barney's after a wedding.. Pillow and All :)

2. Got to be the Dancing... I love to have a few drinks and hit the dance floor with my peeps...

Love when everyone hits the floor

pulling out all the old moves!

Pulling in the crowd!

Enjoying the night :)
3. All the great couples that I get to celebrate with.. the normal cast of characters BUT there are two special guys who have given me countless fun pictures over the years..

Chris who is always happy to get his picture taken! 

My very own hubby who loves to give me great photo's of us to pass on to our grandchildren .

4. Love! This is really Number 1.. But I love to see a couple who I know are truly in love. The kind that make you smile when you catch a glimpse of them that day. The kind you want to be around.. Yeah that kind of Love!

This kind of Love!

5. The Dress!! Oh Baby I love me a great wedding Dress.. I have loved so many over the years.. but this has to be my fave

Happy Friday EVERYONE!! And Chris and Andrea I hope the next two days are everything you planned and hoped for and we can't wait to celebrate with you guys tomorrow!!


  1. You had me at the first picture :)
    I'm already getting pumped for a weekend o'Fun Princess Fiona Style. lol
    I think we should all bring baseball caps and for one song toss them on the ground and kick them. I'm just saying ... I think it would be funny!

  2. Hope you had an amazing time!


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