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Thursday, June 30, 2011

He is slowly going crazy?

Is the Toad crazy? full of imagination? uber smart or are they really dreams?

Each day Toad tells me he had a dream... not like Martin Luther King No NO his sound more like.....

I had a dream that you gave me 3 Oreo cookies for breakfast..

Last Night I dreamed that you let me stay up till eleven ten o'clock (that is the real number he said)

One time I had a dream that Daddy lived in a kitchen and you lived at the top of some really high stairs, that were so high you had to stop and have drinks (he did not say what kind) so you would have enough energy to make it to the top.

I had a dream that we had a dog!
Insert his tears to try and get me to get a puppy. He is so smart he even adds in "I miss Mclean" (the best dog in the world! A dog we were lucky enough to have live with us and be part of our family but sadly had to be put down 2 Years ago.)

One time you dreamed that I got to swim ALL day and you loved watching me.

Honestly he is FULL of personality and makes me laugh all the time with his thoughts, "dreams" or creative ways to get 3 Oreo for breakfast :)

Toad I love you and think you add so much love and imagination to my day and you can make me smile at random moments. Thank you for being you! All of you! The good , the bad and the funny!


  1. Too cute! I always get a grumpy pants thy doesn't want to talk to me until he's had breakfast. I love the swimming dream the best!

  2. Awww so sweet! You have to surprise him with 3 Oreos for breakfast someday!


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