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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is that a Tomato on our couch~ nope just me after my run!

Well Well Well I didn't die last night. This is a great start, I started my "training" for the 5k. Rob got up early Monday morning and ran before work, god I love my husband he knows how to push me with out even saying a word.. wellll he did say I ran this morning so you can when I get home, I guess that was a push but it didn't feel like one. The only way I can do this is with his support, encouragement and help with the kids (OK honey..)

So I was pumped all day to get on the treadmill, I was excited, I tried so hard to not freak myself out as the day ticked on. I can do this! I know I can. I just have to beat myself mentally. So Rob was in the door no less then 5 minutes and I was in my kickers and heading downstairs. I usually watch TV well I am on the treadmill but tonight I needed to be in my head so I grabbed the IPOD and my bucket of water HERE WE GO...

Ah I started so excited, not at all scared and my skin tone is a normal colour...

So the plan last night was to run one minute and then walk one minute for 30 minutes with a 2 minute cool down walk at the end.. And


Honestly there were moments where it didn't look like that was going to be the way this story ended. I started off good minute 2 I was running and felt great, This is fun I even thought. Minute 24 I was saying my prayers and praying that God would take me fast, let the heart attack that was sure to come take me quick. Minute 28 I thought go for it kid you can do this..I have never ran that far or even that long in my life.. It was hard but I can see how people get addicted. I do have to say there were a few contributing factors that made tonight happen
1) Mumford & Sons on the IPOD!! 100%
2) Our sweet little Toad came down stairs and said can I be your coach? When I said sure he gave me a thumbs up.. I swear I could not let him down..
3) my husband cheering  me on for the last minute ( I made him for real I said you better start cheering.)
4) and of course my puffer..

I do know that I have to work on my breathing all jokes aside, I think at times I am not even breathing at all, cuss all I am thinking is holy S&^% I am running..

BUT I DID IT.. my legs were shaking at the end, my water was empty, my face was SO red but I was alive.. Can't wait till today's run.


  1. Good for you! That is so awesomeo and sounds like you have a great fanbase! Love the pics.

  2. Seriously I soooo need to just get on the treadmill or commit to walking. I do it then I stop for the weather, scheduling conflicts, whatever may come up. I don't enjoy it per-say but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. I really should go get our treadmill at my sisters then I could just do it no matter what the time, weather etc. You have gal from Fl cheering you on the whole way!!!!

  3. Thanks Girls.. I am going to try and stick to this.. but man oh man my legs are killing me today! Love a fan from Fl cheering me on and I can use all the great energy :)

  4. Yay! Good for you! When I start running again the worst part is takes some time to build those lungs up but you'll get there!

  5. Your soo sweet I love your blog about your workouts so I love that you posted on this!!

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!


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