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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Cry

Well I am guessing this is what the blog world is talkin about today the Royal Wedding. I am not huge on the whole royal family nor did I want to watch due to history in the making (however my opinion did change well watching) I am just a girl who loves me a good wedding and an awesome wedding dress.

When Rob and I got married I tried to stay clear of all things traditional I wanted the day to be about us and what we shared and to stay focused on the fact that this was a day and what the really take home from the wedding was a marriage. I felt concerned of becoming focused on the little things and not the most important thing, Rob and our life as a family.

As I watched William arrive with his brother I started to cry, he looked nervous and that made me as a mom want so bad for him to have someone normal to just say it is okay, your doing great and you picked the right girl go in there and leave with a marriage, one for life. And I knew his mom would have done that for him :(

I was happy he had his bro with him the whole time but I just kept thinking the feeling of your mom's hand on your back when your scared is so peaceful and helps you stay focused.

I watched the ceremony in fast forward and it looked lovely, I loved to see them walk out as a couple knowing how I felt when we took our walk, I was bursting inside I wanted to run out and start our life right then. I know Rob and I lifted our hands and celebrated when they announced us Husband and Wife! I did not see that in Fast forward but maybe I missed it.

I did however stop and watch as they got in the carriage and I loved that she asked him if he was okay.. I started to cry knowing he had that normal in his life.. This is what I love about weddings, you get to see people's love in their eyes and how they look out for each other in the craziness of the day. I love to see the families love and excitement for the couple, I love to hear what others thoughts and feelings are of the couples in their speeches and I love me a great dress.... and that my friends was a stunner!

What a great way to start the day with a wedding! Here are a few of my fave wedding pictures from over the years..

My husband!! xoxo

My girls each one of you and I love this picture SOO much

Go Team Gundry

Sand in his eye from the beach (below the cliff)

Cheers to one of my fave days

Emma and Tom's Wedding

Kathy and Frank xoxo all about you wedding! ha ha

 Our the wedding the chocolates went missing

Mom and Al's wedding

Mrs K and J Fife we love you guys xoxox great wedding

Ah the boys

 Ah Krista and I at K and B's wedding :)
 oh my we are good looking
 the way all besties should be pizza and beer :)
Nik and Jaret in Vegas Baby!

Mike and Mel great wedding!! tons o dancing
How each great post wedding day starts ! ha ha that was a great party!

Wonder if Kate and William will enter their reception like we did?? Welcome to the Jungle Guns n Roses!

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  1. I caught that she asked him if he was ok, I was surprised none of the broadcasters mentioned it. I agree it showcased truly how they love each other and what their dynamics are. I know without a doubt his mother would have been proud and was definitely there in spirit. I told my husband I need to move there to be ruled by them LOL


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