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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A monster at the table!

When you have a toddler they can be well strange when it comes to eating.. Toad will eat a full plate of broccoli but leave every single piece of chicken, he will eat all of the M&M chicken nuggets but not McDonald's? Strange.. so like most parents when I find something he loves to eat I like to have it so I know he finishes his meal.. A few months ago we had Chicken wings for dinner and he munched them up like mad.. So last night we had Chicken wings and homemade french fries YUMMO!

Toad is a pretty messy eater to begin with so you can imagine what dinner was like last night.. and please remember my OCD husband sitting across from him (actually he was pretty good cuss we were laughing so hard)

Check out the Chicken wing monster (7 wings and all his fries)

Right to his bath after dinner.. didn't even try to clean this one up!

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