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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Happy New Year All!! I am sooo excited for 2012 what an exciting thing the new year is, I love fresh starts and like Oprah said Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.

At Christmas Jax got an awesome book from Aunt Dawn and family, it has shape the Gundry Family New Years Resolution..

The book is called Have You Filled A Bucket Today?  (A Guide to Daily Happiness For Kids) by Carol McCloud.

The idea of the book is that we all carry invisible buckets and when our bucket is full we feel awesome, happy well just GREAT! When your bucket is empty you feel sad and lonely and well not great.  They encourage kids to be bucket fillers, a bucket filler is someone who says and does nice things to/for people. When you fill someone else bucket you also fill your own. Now there are also bucket dippers they are sad people who's buckets are empty and think they can dip into others buckets to fill theirs.. but this doesn't work it only makes the other person feel bad or sad.  So it encourages everyone to be bucket fillers, it suggest ways kids can fill other peoples buckets and how to set a goal each day to fill someones bucket.
So the Gundry are gonna spend 2012 trying to be

We are gonna spend January starting at home with small things for friends and family and ramp it up over the year.. excited to see what we can do!!

Happy New Year to you all and may your buckets over flow, and may you fill buckets all day long!

2012 is gonna be an awesome year!!!

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