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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Version of a Bucket List

Over my whole life I have had a on going list of things I wanted to see or do, and I even have the people I want to do some of it with call it a Bucket List or just a check list whatever! I have been lucky to cross a few items off the list but I still have a bunch on there that I look foward to the stories and experiences that go along with adding completions dates to.
With the tremendous lose our family suffered this past week I dusted off this list and wanted to share it with you I love to see others list they gives me great ideas and inspiration. So who knows you may want to add something to your "list"

Be a wife   June 11th 2005
Be a mother May 5th 2007/September 20th,2010
Donate Blood 12 times (full year) you can save SOO many lives!
Go to Disneyland  and do it right!
Raise 10,000 dollars myself for Cancer Research ($7145.00 so far) 
Skinny Dip
Ride a Horse
Ride a gondola in Venice
Take a photography class
Watch all the movies nominated for best picture one year.
Take make-up lessons with a make-up specialist
Win and Yell BINGO at a Bingo hall
Meditate or Enjoy a Sunrise or Sunset on top of a mountain ( stole this from someone else list but LOVE IT)
Ride in a convertable in the rain
Read every book Nicholas Sparks has written
Maintain a positive attitude
Go to an Oprah taping (oops maybe one that is left on here :(  )
See a firefly Summer 2003
Catch a fish Girls weekend 2009 Yippee Krista!!
Run a 5 Km Fun Run for Chariety (and run more then I walk)
watch a sun set on a island
Go away with Mom on vacation
Witness a miracle Birth of the Toad May 2007
Be in a room filled with Balloons May 4th 2006
Girls weekend in Vegas
See a Shooting Star July 2005
Feel true love October 26th 2002
Right a wrong
Go on a 4 state/province roadtrip with Rob
Own a house May 13th 2005
Quit Smoking 2003
Learn a magic trick
Renew our vows
Go Ziplining in a forest
Spend a week on a beach (the whole week)
Visit Ireland
Sleep on the beach
Build something August 25th 2002
Volunteer ongoing
Buy a new car March 2004
Perfect a hobbie
Dance withToad's at his wedding

Gosh I get soo excited when I read this list!! I am excited to do it all and add to it along the way!

Happy Tuesday everyone.. ENJOY the day!!



    Will add this to my 4000+ things to do. :)

    I have accomplished...
    1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 22, 23 (3x), 29, 30 and 33.

    Thanks for stopping by! Am now a follower.


  2. I was so thankful for your comment on my post, like I said I got many private just not many people willing to put it out there I guess! UMMMM and I hope that if we continue to chat daily we can add visit FL or meet in the middle to the list! Silly as it sounds I soooo look forward your comments and point of view!!!

  3. This is cool... Thanks for following me!!!

  4. Love this post! It looks like you are well on your way! Thanks for stopping by The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug! I'm following back!

  5. Awesome list! I have a few similarities with your list. I'll make sure to publish mine after I spend the coming week dwelling on it/tweaking it (I really want to have 100 items but I only have 65)... and I know there's probably many I haven't thought of.

    I've never seen a firefly... that's on my list too! I've always wanted to see one! Why are they so rare?


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