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Thursday, April 7, 2011

11 weeks of Fun!

Well our weekly sleepovers have come to an end :( I feel an array of emotions, I am so sad that Krista will not be coming and hangin with us on a weekly basis but am also so happy and proud for my buddy! Krista went back to school after working full time to start a new career and that to me is so admirable. So many people work in jobs they hate for so long, Krista had talked about going back to school for a while and she just did it and that takes Courage. I have been so happy and proud of her for the past 2 years but now it is coming to an end, she is going to Graduate this June and I could not be happier for her!

Our weekly visits started off being in my mind all about me! I get to hang with my best friend for a night a week, I get to have girl time, I get to have laughs with my buddy , I get to watch shows with my friend, me me me me .. But what I forgot to think about is how much these visits will mean to my family! Toad gets so excited each Monday to help make up Krista bed, to spend time with his new best friend and say goodbye to her in the morning. Man this girl has a way with men..

In 11 short weeks about an hour a week she has cracked the stone that is our toad and got a few kisses , a bunch of hugs and even I LOVE YOU!! When I first told him her sleepovers were coming to an end he was so sad he almost started to cry :( so I said lets plan a surprise for her on her last night.. yeah 3 year old  boys don't keep surprises secret so I had to do it on a need to know basis.

So Tuesday I went out and got most of the supplies and then yesterday we got to work..

We got the posters made, hung the streamer and I had to blow up all those balloons AH that was almost like running for me :) but well worth it..
 The posters said
We will miss our Monday's

Way to go Aunt Krista (we knew you could do it)

Then the toad loves to bake cakes so we made the trip to the grocery store yesterday and here is our creation.. Kath this is a sad comparison to the last cake she got :) HA HA

Krista we love you so much and are so proud of your hard work. I know it was not always easy, I know you were scared at times and had sleepless nights but man oh man you did it with grace, courage and you should be very proud of yourself!

These last 11 weeks have made me smile and now not only does my husband want you to be his girlfriend but my son does too..
I can not tell you how important you being here has meant to me during these hard weeks. Your long hugs and loving spirit has been felt and appreciated.
Thanks for the memories and the Corona's and fun basket of treats!!


  1. I have some close friends here but not way close no besties. I so cried for happiness that you have her but still a little green with envy! Way to go Krista.

  2. I am so lucky Kris and I have been friends for going on 20 years so for her to be able to spend time in my house with my family as part of our family routine was soo awesome.. and I think this new adventure is going to take her a bit further away from me so it was nice to spend that time with her :)especially when I am on mat leave nice to see other adults :)

  3. Wow thanks Nic. I cherish every second I was able to spend with your amazing family. I love them all so much. Your little man is AMAZING and can't wait to see him again. It honestly melts my heart when he says "I love you Aunt Krista" I feel so blessed to have spent this time with him. Camryn Oh my goodness what a special little girl - she is soooo happy. Rob is such a great guy. You are very lucky he's a amazing husband, father, and friend - love that guy!!! Nic you are amazing and now that life has slowed down for me I can't wait to be able to be and talk with my friend more. You have supported me 110% and you have no idea how much that means to me. Without you ladies there is no way I would have gotten through the last two years. THANK YOU!!!!! Glad you enjoyed the Corona & Taco's it is the least I could do after what you guys have done for me over the last 11 weeks. It has truly been amazing.
    Love you

  4. There's nothing like a great friend -- sounds like you BOTH get to say that. You're so sweet to celebrate milestones and accomplishments with friends and family. You'll never forget these memories.


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