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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lesson Learned

~ Easter Feaster's where it's at! Thanks Steve and Pauline what a great day in the backyard with your friends and family!!

~My babies laugh is pretty sweet!

~No matter how many times I just don't learn that if I wash a hot burner with a baby cloth I will leave some of my skin on the burner

~ Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!

~ I want to play Barbies soo bad just need a break from the superhero`s

~A surprise visit from a thoughtful friend is the best way to spend the day you had no plans. Thanks Marion I can't wait to plant my "Al" bulbs xoxoxoxoxox

~ I was thinking I never read anymore.. but then I thought of all the Facebook post I read , or blog post that I read each day.. WOW I read so much more then I ever did..

~ Running and watching a movie is my new fave thing.

~ Mamma needs her daycare days!! love my son but man do I love daycare days!

~I will miss you Micheal Scott!!!

~I should have one morning a week that I pretend to have no power.. Cuss this chick can get a lot done with no distractions

~ Wind on Thursday = broken back on Friday pickin up all the tree branches in the backyard

~ Britney is back and I LOVE her new song have a listen Come on it is fun to dance on Saturday AM!

~ I have been counting down for a week for one night out with our peeps and my man.

~ The toad thinks that a camp out is sleeping on an air mattress in our room and I am okay with that for now

~Love watching ball with my man! Jays are holding their own so far!

Happy Weekend Everyone! Hope to see a bunch of you out tonight to celebrate Misters Bday and all things deep fried.. I may even put some lipstick on .. watch out!


  1. I love this post Nicole! You sound really content and happy in life! Also I'm so excited about Britney's tour! Are you getting tickets to her show in Toronto?


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