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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I learned this Week!!

I am stealing this idea from a blog that I follow nuckingfutsmamas LOVE IT.. so funny..

So here goes this will be my Saturday post each week now...

~ Every good Canadian baby should at some point smell like a campfire
~ Why do your hair before mom and tots swimming when your baby is flipper.. splash magee!
~ My husband has in the past 9 years taken maybe 1 picture of us , 1 of our kids or family but this was on  my camera this week

~ Toad's burps will some day win him a contest and shirt at a bar..
~ There might actually be a faucet of running water in Lovely mouth
~ I miss Krista visits already
~ My morning chats with my mom are my favorite part of the day
~ Log out of facebook or live with the crap your hubby puts as your status :)
~ Diapers suck big monkey butts
~ Sleep who needs stinkin sleep?
~God has to be involved in the creation of coffee
~ getting a picture of 4 kids under 5 is a better workout then my half hour runs
~ running by day 3 was way easier-still not my fave thing YET..
~ My dream of someday having a house with not one bit of dirty laundry is not going to happen

and most of all I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for! Have a great weekend love your peeps and laugh !

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