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Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I learned this week

Happy Saturday Everyone!

~ A Sunday morning coffee in your jams with your buddy and their kids is pretty sweet way to start your week
~Celebrating someones 80th birthday is pretty amazing! (happy birthday grandma)
~A cousin your own age is maybe the coolest thing when your 3!
~Don't wait till your losing someone to tell them how much they mean!
~A pool deck at a community pool maybe the hottest place on earth
~I love Winners.. who knew!
~We get the newspaper each day and never read it.. and we sure don't have enough campfires for all this paper..
~Your day can change in seconds.
~Losing someone special is more heartbreaking then anything I have ever felt.
~You can be so sad that you feel sick.
~I am blessed beyond words (knew it but man I feel it this week)
~The Toad is having as hard a time with me being sad as I am with my mom being sad.. life is pretty special that way..
~A phone call, a visit or some stunning flowers and plants can make a girl feel pretty loved at a time that I feel lost.

I wanted to also say a quick thank you

Thank you to all the amazing nurses and Dr at Strathroy Hospital for loving and taking care of Bert. Thank you to my mom for constant presents with Al in the final days and the final years of his life. He loved you SOOOOOOOO much as I know you did him.  Thanks to my amazing step sisters who let us share their dad for all these years, we could not have loved him more.. Thank you to my husband who picks me up , dusts me off and helps me get through the day. What an amazing gift your love has been to me and our kids. You make me laugh when I need to , hug me when I can't go on and most importantly love me with out words. xoxoxoxo
Thanks to Dad and Jo your love and support (and help) has meant the world to us. Dad your visit to Al touched me beyond words.. I wish he had been awake to have a chat!  I have been so blessed to have such amazing parents to set such caring examples.
To my besties, I would not have got through these last 7 months with out you, your calls, hugs and friendship keep a girl going. How do you properly say thank you for the times you dropped what you were doing to talk to me, the times you drove out to see me just cuss you knew I needed a friend, the times you listened well I cried, and in "us" style made me belly laugh my way through the pain.
Keri and Krista what you did for me yesterday leaves me speechless (IT CAN BE DONE!! WHO KNEW) you swooped in with food,and love. You played with the Toad and lovely, did the memory boards with love and mostly shared your amazing memories of Bert. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Toad's new hat.. Gone Fishing (thanks Keri)


  1. New follower (and new blogger) here! Just found you through bloggymoms. Your blog is super cute! Any tips for a neewbie? I need serious help! Look forward to reading more of your blog!! :)

  2. Sounds like you've had quite a week - sending positive thoughts your way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and don't forget to take care of yourself. Love Little Guy's new hat!

  3. Nicole, you are an amazing young woman yourself. i am sure your positive attitude played a huge part in comforting your family through this very tough time. My heart goes out to you and your Mom and the rest of the family.

    Wendy Grosvenor

  4. Hi Nicole, returning the comment and following your blog! Love Toad's hat :)

  5. Thanks Ladies for stoppin by and Sarah you are so right a bit of a week.. yikes heart breaking.. but when you love someone properly if they leave you will feel it.. and I am okay with that cuss then I loved him right :)
    Wendy you are soo kind and it was so nice to see you and Steve on Sunday just wish it was for a better reason!


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