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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Mixed Up day

Today Blog should be about my terrible lose of a loved one yesterday but I can't write that blog yet. So today blog is one I did up on Tuesday night to post yesterday but didn't get around to it before I got the call. I love you Bert you are in a better place and are missed beyond words! So here is my mixed up day!

I miss my work peeps.. ! Love Chatting with a few of them the other day!

My baby Girl is starting to be SOOOO much fun to hang with look how sweet she is in these pictures from today.. (dont look at my crazy windblown hair PLEASE)..

look at that sweet face!!

Today Miss Lovely and I had to spend the Am stuck inside well our Tv was repaired.. but then we headed out to enjoy the day. Just a bit of girl time..I have to say that I love hanging with my baby girl always but as she starts to get older she starts to be so fun! Her smile which is always there is now being joined by her voice and laughter. Who wouldn't want to hang out with that?

So we hit up the Woodstock wal-mart and did our grocery shopping, then I remembered that they had a Winners Store in town, I have not been in one for years I just don't like them. I always found them hard to find things in and ended up being frustrated and never really found any awesome deals but that all changed today! Over the weekend I fell in love with a piece of art at my aunts house, she told me she got it at Winners, we needed art for our kitchen so I thought what the hell.

I had wanted to originally copy this idea from Sarah 101 for a wall of plates, this was dropped after trying to find plates that both Rob and I loved! Yeah Right..

So I walked into Winners and headed to the Home design section(which was easy to find as there were HUGE signs ) and 5 minutes later left with my version of plate art.. and Roberto loves it too :) YIPPPEE~ let me know what you think...

The day ended with a beer and some darts with my hubby (too cold to sit outside) so here is our picture for the day!!

almost 3 bulls eyes

sooooooooo close! 

Have a great day everyone...


  1. I really like it! Beautiful idea. Your baby girl is so cute. They are so much fun as they get older.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It sounds like you have a very special angel now. And I love the plates too.

  3. Very cool plate art! So sorry for the loss of someone special. Wishing you strength and peace.

  4. THANK YOU all soo much it is the hardest thing I have ever had to face.. :( I find great joy in my babies and that he would want us to smile and go on .. HUGS back to you all for the support..


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