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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week O Cake

Well the week of Birthdays has officially started. Happy Birthday Rob! 29 again.. My family both in laws and crazy ass family(that is mine) have a crazy thing with birthdays being one day apart, close together OR even on the same day.. Here is the crib notes..
My mom and Grandma are a day apart
My aunt and her daughter on the same day
Two of Rob's sisters are a day apart and he and his other sister are on the same day (Happy Birthday Ash)!
AND Rob and I blow out the candles 7 days apart.

So when Rob and I first got together I was uber excited that for my whole life I would get birthday cake twice in one week (little did I know).

Fast Forward to my pregnancy it was my first and very health so with a due date of May 20th I never ever thought of this Birthday fever would hit us. It was my 31st Birthday and my Bestie and her new boyfriend |(now husband and babys daddy) who I had never met came down to help "celebrate" with me. They live an hour or so away so it was a sleepover well till 3am when I calmly frantically knocked on the door to tell them that we were heading to the hospital and well Toad and I have our birthdays one day apart. YIPPEE !

I love sharing such a cool thing, I love birthday and think they should be big and everyone should celebrate the day you entered this world. If your their family or friend you should be excited as this person would not have been in your life if not for that day! Cheers them, Hug them , drink with them , throat punch them something to let them know your thinking of them.

I love our week o cakes and can't wait till after dinner tonight to start it!

Here are a few pics from last years week o cake


  1. Oh wow! Sounds like a wonderful week! :-D

  2. Happy Birthday to everyone! Our birthday frenzy is a four week period in Sept/Oct...insanity and expensive! But fun!

  3. Just add a glass of wine with the cake and it will be doubly wonderful. Happy Birthday All!

  4. What a great week! Enjoy the festivities and the cake!

    Happy Birthday to all... and to all a good cake smash!!!

  5. Hello Ladies and Happy Thursday!! Thanks for the bday wishes and we will for sure be raising a few drinks this weekend on mom and dad's night out with friend.. it is a fun week and we do love it soo much a pretty cool thing to share

    have a great weekend!


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