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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I learned this week

~You may not remember what people said but you will always remember who was there in your darkest hours.. (THANK YOU)

~ Lock the Truck cuss even on Friendlest Ave Ever your change can get taken over night.. Punks don't you know I am a stay at home mom of two crazy kids who just needs a over priced coffee each Monday..

~A 3 year and a juice box = an angry end to a long Monday.. ahhh thank god I am planning on washing the floors sometime this year...

~when taking your toddler to swimming you should pack a towel! But if your at the t-burg pool your good to go ask the sweet 17 year old lifeguards will hook you up!

~when your feeling down and out getting dressed really does help!

~ I dislike washing the floors but am in love with my mop and new bucket.. who knew!

~Fevers 2 nights in a row + a teething baby = sleepy mommy and daddy!

~Big changes are coming my way next week... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stay tuned..

~Easter can get "gangsta" in our house (Thanks for the light up Cornona Hat Dad G)

~ Some things go along with being related..See Toad and his Cousin

~ I can push myself to do whatever I put my mind to.. Running 2 mins and Walking 1 for 30 mins are you KIDDING ME never thought that would happen..

~ I am so excited for Easter Morning with my family.. love holiday's and watching your kids enjoy it together is awesome!!

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!

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