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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Over that

I just watched Oprah with Shirley MacLaine and her new book I'm Over all that.. Made me think what am I over?

Well I am over high heels and all the drama that goes with them
I am over being a domestic goddess, or the thought in my head that I was or wanted to be or something like that OVER it all!
I am over complainers at the checkout.. next one is going to get a big fat can of shut the hell up from me and my baby!
I am over whining.. Not Wine Whining..
I am over not sleeping.. p.s my baby girl, boy and big boy are all asleep well but I am not!
I am over being judgemental... not 100% but trying :)
I am over McDonald's.. yeah I think Fast Food is a good idea but it makes me feel sick and I feel guilty after eating it.
I am over The View and onto The Talk!
I am over sweaters and winter coats.. bring on the shorts and t's
I am over Microwave Popcorn, was on a big big kick for a while..
I am over passive aggressive drivers (me included)
I am over being rushed
I am over rude teenagers I hope I was never one
I am over only hearing from someone on email.. i love a good chat even once every quarter!
I am over being inside.. bustin out to the yard
I am over fair weather friends
I am over hockey season (not a fan) and am SO excited for Baseball season..
I am over Reruns
I am over Pop! Not gonna be doing all this running then having a pop :(

Movin on to what I am lovin!

Lovin Flat shoes and boots
Lovin Running
Lovin dried banana's
Lovin having the window open again
Lovin my family
Lovin my uber supportive besties
Lovin Mumford Son's (check them out.. soo fun)
Lovin a good cup of coffee to start the day
Lovin Extreme Couponing (TLC show)
Lovin our new house!!
Lovin New blogs that I read each day..
Lovin shopping at Walmart for groceries.. CHEAP!
Lovin that I can put my hair in a pony tail.. tiny but still up

Lovin the sun and going to head out to enjoy with my sweet baby girl!

I am also lovin my new cup.. thanks Kris it does sum me up!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. So agree with you on rude teenagers and bustin out to the yard!

  2. I love this post! I haven't seen Oprah in forever... just PBS of late... But I agree with a lot of what you said you are over,especially drama and checkout line problems.

    I found you on Bloggy Moms in the non giveaway forum thingy... lol. Sigh. Sorry, that was hours ago and several tantrums...

  3. Welcome One Mommy! Glad to have you drop by.. I have started to follow your blog :)
    Rude teenagers make me sooo angry almost as much as people complaining to the poor cashier who asked if they found everything okay! AHHHH not the time to rip into them about anything..

    OVER IT :)
    Have a great night ladies!

  4. HA I love this. I am so loving The Talk as well and over many of the same things: judging, McDonalds, Pop (ha I told my husband its pop not soda, rude teenagers etc. So glad we get to complain and rejoice together!


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