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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Mix Match of Thoughts

Afternoon All!!

Happy Thursday my day started of a wee bit crazy with no power till 11ish. So my blog today seems a bit crazy like my am all over the place random thoughts from the day..

You can not do ANYTHING with no power.. well you can put away 7 laundry baskets of clean clothes and tidy up the house.. so that is what I did but no TV, no Internet, no phone, no music , no food...
Thankfully the Toad's school had power so he was in daycare today YIPPEEE
I got a ton done during Lovely morning nap but no power so no AM run. However all my hopes and dreams of a PM run hung on a long nap I headed downstairs popped in Eat Pray Love (haven't seen it so far so good and love running to a movie new fave) and 40 seconds NOT joking 40 seconds in Lovely woke up.. So as I ran today two little eyes gazed up at me from the bouncy chair..

Staying with Miss Lovely, I can see 4 count them 4 teeth ready to pop out of her mouth!! YIKES poor little lady.. hang in there shortie mamma will keep hookin you up with your Advil drip and Baby Orajel.

We again have clean bibs .. Can I get a HELL yeah.. we are going through 3 every hour she soaks them to her clothes poor little lady.

WIND yeah Dorothy we got ourselves some wind here in Tburg too.. I think I even saw your little dog blow by my window this am..

Dollar Store gifts from your kids is where it is at! At Christmas I started letting the Toad pick a gift from the dollar store that he thought his dad would love. For Christ Birthday he picked a hammer (that you can see the glue holding the top to the handle) and a paint brush (which my DIY friends say are the best ones??) His first pick at Christmas was a dog collar and we have no dog but he finally landed something perfect both gifts that his dad would love and does. So with his bday yesterday we hit the trusted old Dollarama and the hunt is my fave.. I love how excited he gets over cutting boards or safety glasses all because he thinks he has found the perfect gift. I do think this time he was a bit off and a bit on but I LOVED the gifts he picked.. here are some pictures of dad opening them and testin them out!!

seeing it for the first time

Lets see if we can talk him into wearing it out on Saturday night ha ha ..

Now off to see my favourite mean people at the MTO !!

Have a great Thursday and p.s it is the last Office with Michael Scott tonight!! Can't wait to laugh and cry


  1. I love the birthday gift he did great picking it out. And I think out of love for Toad it should be a lock for Saturday night! And if you start seeing Dorothy and Toto on Saturday I must insist you put down the drink! Hmmmm should I review Eat Prey Love from my perspective have not watched it yet...

  2. I laughed out loud - so funny! Great idea though...I will do this with J when she is old enough!


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