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Monday, April 25, 2011

Shakin Bellies!!

I love a good hot shower or a raining Sunday with a great book or a picture that captures the feeling I was feeling at the time I took it or a great chat with a special person in your life even a unexpected you look good or wow that was awesome really any kind of pat on the back all these things make me smile and are really my little moments in life that I cherish.  However the one thing I love more then all these things is a really good belly laugh, the kind that makes your lungs burn and your belly hurt and brings tears to your eyes. The kind that make you smile long after if you think about what was said. I live my life open to these in everyday life, I look for them really and yesterday my baby girl got to have her first. I remember what Toad's was Rob had pulled a water cap from behind his ear and saying ohh there it is and this made him laugh soo hard.

Yesterday Lovely's cousins were playing with a stuffed animal she got from the Bunny and tossing it in the air and falling back to catch it. The laugh was shakin her whole body you could feel it in her stomach, her eyes were lite up and it went on for 15 mins. It filled the room with other family members who just wanted to enjoy the sound of a baby's laugh. The best part was it made others laugh too.

My baby girl got to enjoy my fave thing in the world and I got to sit with her well she did it. What an amazing moment for me. After it was done she let out a huge sigh as if to say wow!

I turned her around and told her that I love belly laughs and I hope her life is full of them. I reminded her to always be open to them in unexpected place in unexpected ways and if she did her life would be full.

I know No money can buy a belly laugh, no expensive jewellery or big house will give you a laugh, ONLY human interaction and being open to it will bring that on. Please know I am aware that she is only 7 months old and will not remember our chat this Easter weekend but also know I will reminder each time she laughs like that to be open to them.

Here's to a day full of belly laughs or at least a little chuckle!
Thanks girls for giving my girl her first belly laugh!!

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  1. We had this moment as well this weekend and were lucky enough to catch it on video. The culprit a rolling blue ball! It was so great the entire room was in tears of laughter as the baby just giggled away at the ball that continuously rolled to him. I love that their joy is so innocent and pure!


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