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Friday, April 8, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman we got ourselves a diver!!

The toad has been taking his bath with swimming goggles on for as long as I can remember, he loves it! He now can hold his breath under water for around 15 seconds, we do a lot of "swimming" drills in the bath.

Since he saw the movie Finding Nemo he has been asking us for Flippers and a snorkel, I thought about getting them and then just never got around to it, so yesterday well in our local Dollar store I saw a set Flippers, Mask and Snorkel and in my cart it went for Easter.

Next stop to get the Toad from daycare,  today was "report card" day!! Yikes this could go one way or the other..
Don't get me wrong the Toad is an amazing kid but lets just say we gave his teacher a LCBO gift cert for Christmas with a card attached that said some days we have to drink after spending it with the Toad :)

All kidding aside he has always had great reports and today's was no exception, he was so proud as I read to him what the teacher had written about him. He asked me lots of questions and I was happy to answer,all this well in the parking lot. As I buckled him in I thought he should get a wee treat for a good report like I did when I was a kid.. AH the flippers.. Perfect !

I told him how hard we knew he worked each day to listen and be good, I told him that my fave part of the report was not that he could recognize letters or count out loud that the part I loved the most was where his teacher said he was a great friend and was really developing empathy. As I looked at his little dirty face smiling at me I said Toad Mom and Dad love that your growing into such a good friend , a gentleman and a great person. He turned his head to the side and said Thank you Mommy, I love my family..

WELL if he wasn't getting those flippers before he sure as hell was now.. I said wait one second Daddy and I want you to have something for all your hard work this year.. I went to the back of the truck and gave him the package..the 2 dollar package!

I am not even exaggerating a bit when I say he screamed, and said OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN I LOVE my new flippers.. and started to take his boots off. He stopped long enough to say I love you Mommy and Daddy and ask to come home and have his bath right away(which he did) and as we speak my baby boy has his flippers in bed with him.. has not taken them off or had them out of his hands all night... You know I got a picture or ten to share..

I told him he could not wear the mask and snorkel to the dinner table..

but as soon as dinner was done..

we are getting some family pictures done today I sure hope I can get that mask off long enough to get a picture.. reason 3214138749732984712374 why I love my son!!!


  1. Awwww! What a sweetie! I love the excitement & pure joy kids show for the things they love. TG for the dollar store! Never has it been so cheap to make children's dreams come true!

  2. AMEN kelly.. he is walkin around right now with his flippers on.. best 2 dollars ever spent!
    Have a wicked weekend girl..

  3. That is too cute! I love it how he got excited and has not taken them off. The pics are great!

  4. Oh my goodness! How fantastic is that???

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  5. What a great post!!! Thanks for finding me so I could find you! I love the flipper story!!! The pictures were great as well. My kids have gone to bed with things they love as well, it is really too cute. But the "I love my family", wow, I'm impressed you stoped at the flipper set and just didn't sign over the deed to your house! Thanks for sharing, I'm a happy new follower.

  6. This is too adorable! new follower on GFC via bloggy moms!

  7. What a great post! I love how little boys take an idea and run with it, gave my son a toy chainsaw complete with goggles for his birthday, he takes it everywhere and tells everyone how he cant use the chainsaw without his goggles on (safety first!) he's 2.

  8. Ok Mrs get your butt and your family down here for a visit LOL Our boys were cut from the same cloth. I think I will be sharing this same type of story in a few years. I always say that my son is the next Michael Phelps. (you will be reading about that later :) ) I have the perfect day the kids can swim and we can kick back with a glass of wine and get to know each other! Have a great weekend!

  9. Flordia around a pool with some wine book me a flight!! Can't wait to read your post on your little man.. Hey don't you have a bday coming up??? I am waiting for that blog :)

    Happy Monday!


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