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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Decade Later....

So I am going to be turning 35 in a few weeks..
Yikes I feel like I was just sitting crying with my mom about turning 25, man when I think about how different life is now I laugh..

When I was turning 25 I use to worry about getting off work in time to go out to the bar.. that meant being off work by 11. 11 pm. 11 pm to go out...if I make it up to 11 now I am living on this side of crazy!

When I was 24 turning 25 I was single! Ah I may have had a boyfriend, sadly I don't remember ha ha he must have been wonderful.. anyways the only thing I needed to worry about then was ME well and you too Emma. I was grocery shopping for one, doing laundry for one, getting one out the door for work each afternoon but you know what I can not EVEN imagine my life with out those 3 awesome new people to worry about.. You make turning 35 FUN!!

25 looked a hell of a lot skinnier then 35 looks !

25 had a lot of the same characters as 35 but it was missing one of my faves.. my hubby.. to all you crazy people who have shared and added to the past decade I LOVE YOU.. and lets do it all again..

When I was turning 25 I use to get excited about  a good drunk night with my friends, a fun new outfit, sleeping till noon, and now turning 35 things look a bit different. Yesterday I got excited that I got gas for $1.18 and when I drove by again it was $1.24. Today I got excited that I got a few last things out to recycling before they came and picked it up. OH MAN life sure has changed..

When I was turning 25 I looked a lot less tired and old but turning 35 I know I have enjoyed every smile that gave me a wrinkle, I am blessed by ever sleepless night my sweet babies have given me and every belly laugh or tear I shed cuss Baby this ride is freakin awesome and it seems to only be getting better!


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  2. Oh how I can relate you will have to check out my post this week about turning 31~


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