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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pool Side PSA for birth control

Well we survived our vacation!! The kids were awesome  good Okay. Well the kid was, the baby not so much. The poor thing is cutting a tooth or ten, add in a terrible cold and you got yourself a fussy baby girl.

No biggie normally but it is when you are sharing a forty foot trailer with 3 or 4 other sleeping people! I have countless funny stories from the mini vacation  so why not start at the beginning.

Thursday Morning the kids and I left and headed up to Bayfield, the drive was great Jax was pumped to get there. We arrived and that is when it dawned on me shit I have to unpack all this by myself with a baby on the move who is desperate to get out of her car seat and a kid that is repeating "can we go to the park NOW???" a thousand times.

BUT I did it and everyone survived..
Weellll Lovely who we now call Mariah as she is a TOTAL diva, was screaming the WHOLE time but we survived.
By the end Toad had switched to can we go to the pool NOW? I was sweating like it was my job and so I said of course! We will take the princess for a swim!

HA! Lets just say that by the end I was the poster child for birth control in the eyes of the 5 teen girls soakin up the sun around the pool. I mean they should play that scene on tv before they air the MTV's show Teen Mom it would scare kids straight on to birth control.

I had one diva baby screaming, kicking and trying to get out of her stroller, I had a four year old who had tossed himself on the deck of the pool screaming "its not fair!! she should just BE QUIET so I can swim"!! Embarrassed I tossed around (empty) threats to him about getting his shoes on and going or this would be his last swim ALL vacation while rockin that stroller like my life depended on it.

ALL this and I had nothing to eat or drink all day.. The next five minutes of my Public Service Announcement went like this,  I dragged a 4 year old and a stroller out of the pool deck, past the park, down the hill , up onto the deck and straight to the fridge. CRACK ahhhhhhh Ice Cold Corona



  1. OMG! You needed that Corona girl! LOL You should have handed out condoms poolside! Hope it was good times overall!

  2. I feel your pain! I frequently feel like any vacation (or day trip for that matter) is like speed from kid with a really bad crash half way through the day. And, have you ever noticed that this horrific, throw-myself-on-the-ground tantrums only happen when your hubby isn't with you? Then when you try to describe how bad it was they look at you like your are nuts AND exaggerating.



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