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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A dose of reality

Well the Gundry's are back from vacation, we are tanned, we are tired and we are blessed to have an amazing family to hang with! I wanted to come back and write a post about my fish boy, or miss lovely and her battle with not only a tooth but a cold or all the amazing and funny stories we got to share with our family this vacation but sadly they will have to wait as I have to comment on the not guilty verdict.

Casey your karma is going to come and get you!!! Your baby is still dead so I am not sure what the high fives were about? I think you have gotten away with murder and that poor baby was born to an evil monster.

I did not watch ALL of the trial but I do know that I do not know one mother who would not report their baby miss the second they could not find them. I am sad to come home to this reality!

Fun post to come I promise! Just need a day to get unpacked, recharge and get over this heartbreak..


  1. I read this and my first thought is that you are mean... How could you say something like that about your friend Casey... and then I realized what you were talking about and AGREE 100% with your comment. It kills me to even think that a person can go through a traumatic experience like losing a child and show little remorse or it have no effect in there lives. I don't know the whole story but if this ever happened to me you would find me on the floor - I'll be the puddle you step over to get to the fridge. Shame!!

  2. PS. your picture for the day is cracking me up. you and Dawn look like Tennis Wimbledon here you come :)


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