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Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five

Hip HIP we made it to the weekend, as each week passes my throat starts to close a bit more at the thought of going back to work. BUT it was a great week! We had a blast and enjoyed the weather 100%...

Today My Top Five is my top five Dinner parties I would like to host... Came up with this idea all on my own!!! special right...

1. My fave Life Teachers-These are the people who share the same belief system as me, or have taught me a lot in my life. The list would look like this Oprah... yeah I know everyone just rolled their eyes. I love her and would love to talk to her a bit about her thoughts on life. I would include Rhonda Byrne the author of The Secret , Iyanla Vanzant, my aunt Dawn, Mrs Nicolette and my mom. This would be a dinner I would wish I could bring a notebook too.

2. My funny Crew- This party would be filled with the people who can make me laugh till I can't breath, the ones I make sure I have a seat beside at any party. I would sit there and take it all in. I would enjoy the night and know that I would not want it to end anytime soon. The invite list would be long so long, but a few peeps on the list would be my hubby, Dawn and Doug for sure, our buddy Steve and his super funny wife Pauline,KL and Nugent 100%. Like I said this list would be long but what a great night it would be.

3. Blog Moms I love- In this crazy adventure of starting a blog I have come across so many amazing women, they have made me laugh, made me cry, touched me and made me think. What better way to say thank you then to have them over for dinner. I would invite the Not so silent mommy Sarah, Home C.E.O Lisa, Kathy from My dishwasher's possessed, Staceroo at Mommy again and my buddy T from Married with Child. The funny stories, laughs and cold drinks that would be exchanged makes this a sleepover dinner party for sure!

4. A dinner for Two- Just me and Hubby! We would get to finish our sentences, I would get to sit the whole meal, he would not have to feed Lovely and Toad would not be screaming in the background. I would love to spend 1 hour with my man.. hell make it 2. I miss those meals of our past. I would not change our life for anything BUT I always like when we go out and get to enjoy each others company and if it was on a patio even better.

5.My Girls- These girls get me, they love me for me and of course they make me laugh like hell. We can go from topic to topic never missing a beat. We get each others humour and we enjoy each others company this is a great combo for any good dinner party.

I hope you all have a great weekend and get to spend some time with the people you love... smile, laugh and eat well!


  1. I love this post! All such great ideas for really interesting dinner parties.


  2. Love this TOP FIve...
    The only thing I need to know is "am I funnier then Steve??"" lol Just kidding ... steve is way funnier then me.
    I would like to come to all of these dinners especially the Bloggers. I love all of those ladies too!!

  3. Love the idea for the dinner party! And I actually love this topic it is something fun to think about!


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