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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chomper Check

I feel like I am losing you sweet boy! I have on a few occasions this past month watched in awe as you leaped from toddler to big boy before my eyes.

One day you were in the pool with your water wings on and then the very next your swimming without them, how is this happening?

Today as I stood snappin pics of you like you were getting married, I again felt my heart pull. You are a boy now. A wee little man all his own. I was proud as any mom could be of your brave face, your grown up composure and the manners you used after.

Toad I want to tell you that both your dad and I have from day one encouraged you to be you! To do things on your own, to be confident and to try things even if they scare you. You have used this encouragement and ran full force out into the world.

You are determined, you are brave, you are funny and a sweet and loving boy. I know you just went to the dentist today but I feel like I will be dropping you off at college in a blink of an eye.

I love you baby boy and I want to hold you back and keep you at 4 forever but know you need to grow and mature.... and I count my blessings to be able to tag along for the ride.

So I may have taken 45 pictures today at the dentist but I was just soo proud of our Toad

had his mouth open and waiting ha ha she wasn't even in the room


  1. What a big boy! They grow up too, too fast!

  2. I have a little boy who's 5. He'll be 6 in a few months and I do the same thing. I'm constantly just staring at him in complete AWE. He is definitely not a little boy anymore but is growing into a little man. I can't even fathom the changes that will take place once he begins kindergarden in August. Sigh.

    Jackie @


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