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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good To Know

ON VACATION!!!! YIPPPEE funny thought how do you go on vacation when you don't work???

~Spending the night dancing, laughing and eating candy with your buddies is the perfect Saturday. To be doing it in celebration of an awesome couple EVEN BETTER!!

~ Cars 2 ROCKS

~I thought the toad may wee in his pants out of excitement as we waited for Cars 2 to start.

~I had my first cavity at 35. I am pretty proud of that.

~I would rather have our little attitude case then a kid with zero personality!

~10 baskets of clean laundry ARE YOU KIDDING ME.. they were spread out over my house can you tell I hate putting away laundry...great way to end my week AH mother father!

~Rob and I got some driving to do this weekend!!Worth it to see everyone!

~let the count down to Big Brother begin!! Good Bye 3 nights a week HELLO summer drama!

~Gundry OUT!

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  1. I love taking kids to fun movies - was it fun or torturous? LOL Enjoy your vacay girl and know that I am terribly jealous of your one mouth sets off the metal detector at the airport!


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