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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good To Know

We made it to Saturday HOLLA!!

~If you tell my son your a superhero he will sit quiet and let you cut his hair... looks like momma found Toad's new hairdresser

~Cars 2 you are going to bankrupt us and p.s why do we need 13 versions of Lighting McQueen.

~1 full day of cleaning (most of it on my floors) 30 mins in the backyard and my floors are trashed.... pissed for a few minutes but then thought I want a house my kids can live in... so I have decided to stop cleaning.

~My new idea of torture is a needle to the roof of someones mouth YIKES

~I am a 100% over reactor I have know this my whole life but am taking the first step in admitting i have the problem.

~Water park with 4 kids under 5 didn't feel like as fun as it looked for the moms with kids that were older... someday we will be there Nikki..

~Lovely will be walking in a few weeks.. Fart!

~I love you Big Brother where else can a whining man toss a tamper tantrum and I will call it entertainment?

~Note to Self don't lock both doors and go outside well your baby is sleeping!! see 4 points above....just imagine the call Rob got at work...

~Loved Bridesmaids for many reasons but this has to be #1 this is my jam..

~ Today has been perfect and the reason is my husband, kids and I have spent the day in our yard laughing and having fun.. I am truly blessed!!


  1. Oh my gosh!! One of my favourite songs ever!!! And... how did you get back in the house??

  2. LOVE Big Brother~ Watching but also following thank goodness I talked Hubs out of live feeds. I love these posts, just so you know this is one inspiration for something new woohoo


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