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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flash to the rescue!

Do you ever feel like you can see something happen before it does? I have watched Lovely movin around and knew she was gonna fall before she does or see the milk spilling before Toad knocks it and this is what happened last Friday.

Toad wanted to go swimming and Lovely was inside sleeping so I ran in to get my suit on, as I passed the front door I double checked it was locked since we would be out back. I grabbed all the essentials on my way out the phone, my blackberry and a beer.

Our sliding glass door that leads to the backyard has a security bar on it and as I took the two steps down to the living room I thought imagine if that fell down when I closed the door?? Oh man..

I pulled open the door , stepped out turned and pulled the door closed. I watched it happen, I tried to stop it but it was too late. BOOM we are not locked out and Lovely is inside.. SHIT!!

In the background I heard "can I go in now mom? Mom Can I go in now? NICOLE i am going in now... splash!

I took two seconds to think.. I knew the front door was locked, I knew the back door was locked and I knew the Van was locked (so no garage door opener)CRAP CRAP CRAP... I will call Rob..

CRAP Voicemail...
I knew the kitchen window was closed but not locked so I tried to pop open the screen but this thing was like a bank vault... CRAP...
I did the only thing I could think to do run around the backyard freakin... ? I don't know why.. it felt right at the time.
OH CRAP Lovely is waking up... crap crap crap I scream...only now does the Toad take notice that I am freakin... he tells me very calmly to just open the door.. thanks buddy NOT HELPING...

I tried Rob again and got him... here is our conversation.

FM = frantic mom

FM- Can I cut the screen?
Rob- Why?
FM- I have an emergency
Rob- you have a premerency?
oh man..i took the phone away from my ear and actually gave it the finger...
SM=spazzy mom
SM- EMERGENCY!!! Toad and I are outside and the door locked behind me and Lovely is in her bed screaming..
Rob- Just go through the front door
yep this is how smart my husband thinks I am ...
SM-it's locked.
Rob- Why?
are you kidding me.....
SM-cuss we were going to be out back and I didn't want someone to come in and not hear them well she was sleeping!!!!
Rob- yeah that door almost locked behind me the other day..
Rob- do what you have to do..

I did what any Mom of a superhero would do and I called on Flash to get out of the pool. I put his undies on him and tossed him through the window. I made sure he was safe on the counter and told him to jump down and unlock the door.. He told me I got this mom ...

For a moment I got lost in the thought of how cute he is but was quickly brought back to reality with the screams of my baby girl.. As I stood at the back door for a few seconds it occurred to me now I am locked outside and BOTH my kids are inside MOTHER FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

SM-Toad come on hurry up
Toad- Mom I don't think I can jump from up here......(scared)
SM-Toad I know you can do this.. I know you can find away to save your sister.. come on baby!

Seconds later I was greeted by my boy who stood in front of me blocking telling me that he turned around , slid down till he felt his tippy toes touch and then let go.. I said AWESOME now lets go get your sister... and that we did! We both ran up the stairs, I flung open the door and we grabbed Camryn from her bed!! Thank god we have a superhero living with us I said..

Now back downstairs I think mom earned that beer!


  1. Hah! I love this post! I have definitely had some FM/SM moments as well. Glad everything turned out okay!

  2. p.s. your comment on my blog made me laugh out loud! Screeching at boys - love it! ;)


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