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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7 weeks and counting

Well friends we have hit the 7 weeks marker. 7 weeks left of mat leave!!

BOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOO! I remember this feeling last time around however I went back to work 7 weeks early with the Toad. I remember the last week we were home and I wanted to kiss and hug him every second, I wanted to take 10000 pictures to remember that time, I wanted to explain to this little man why his mom had to go back to work and that I was not leaving him but helping provide a better life for him.

I remember the day I took this picture

I remember thinking how can I put this little man out in the world by himself ? How can I ask him to operate and function on his own he is just soo little.. I worried about how he would feel if he hurt himself and i wasn't there, or when he was tired and I could not put him to bed, or if he would look for me during the day.
The first day I packed him up to take to daycare I was crying  the whole 2 minute drive there, I pulled myself together long enough to snap this pic

He was happy, he was excited but I was scared and nervous. I found myself awake last night with Lovely for an hour or so and all I could think about was how 3.5 years later I was feeling the same way.. Oh sweet girl I hope you adjust like your brother did. I made a choice last night that after this post I will let it go, I will put only positive thoughts and energy towards my return as I am excited to go to work just sad to leave my kids. I will also be planning a ton of fun stuff with the kids so if you see my post getting smaller I hope you understand. I want to spend this time huggin, kissin and snappin pics of my kids and I enjoying this time.  

Bring on the best 7 weeks of my life !!

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  1. Love this post!! I of course can totally relate my friend! I will never forget the wonderful message you sent to me the day before I had to go back to work on my 1st maternity was soooo hard! I only have 4 weeks left and me too will cherish EVERY moment left! Have an awesome, amazing, fun 7 weeks with your precious kidlets!!


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