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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A letter from a mom to her son

Dear Toad,

I know someday I will sit beside you on the couch begging you to talk to me. I will hope all day that you will tell me just one story, give me one nugget of your day.
I will long for the days that you told me what your friends said at school or give me a the play by play of your favourite movie. I will  want you to call me to help or answer a question you have but after the last 6 days I am enjoying the quiet of today.

I love you to bits and please know I know you are who you are because of your chatty mom, BUT MY GOD!! You are a talker!!!!

I watch you in awe and wonder many things like, how you can talk that long without getting annoyed by your own voice?

I wonder if you talk to keep yourself awake at times or is it cuss your brain is overflowing?
I love that you have a billion questions but wish they were spread out over a 5 year period not all in one day.

I wonder how you ever get to sleep with all these questions blowin around in there. 

I think dude don't you know I have seen Cars I don't need to hear bit by bit over and over again.

Jax I hope your excitement for life and love of questions stays with you, I hope you share it with me but remember when you see mom in the corner blood coming from my ears, rocking and crying just shut it for 5 minutes!

Love you always and forever


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