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Friday, July 1, 2011

Top Five Friday

Hello ALL and for my peeps here in Canada HAPPY CANADA DAY!!
Today Rob and the kidlets and I will be at the beach! With Rob's Fam Jam enjoying a great holiday with amazing people..

So this Friday Top Five is .... Top Five things I love about Canada..

1. I know it is hard to believe since I drink so much Corona BUT our beer ROCKS

2. Our sites... we have breathtaking mountains, beautiful skylines and farm fields like NO other.

3. Our girls Rock! For real! No Really We Do!!

   4. We are nice people! Most of us are polite and kind. Now we still have a bunch of asses around here but for the most part we are a pretty nice bunch of peeps..

I feel safe here. Now I live in a small town but I think our country is safe or as safe as I think you can get! I always feel much better when I cross the boarder or get off a flight and know I am home..

These are my fave things about this awesome place I get to call home. I hope you are spending this holiday surrounded by people you love, sharing a smile, a yummy meal and a cold drink. I plan on looking around and soaking my surroundings and enjoying my fam jam..Life is Short!!

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