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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good To Know

YIPPEE Saturday!!

~ I got an extra 3 weeks of Mat leave!! YIPPPEEE cuss I am a moron and said I had 6 weeks when I have 9 weeks left HA AH but i love the extra time !

~When you remove the wings the fish will swim.

~Just cuss you don't remember falling doesn't mean you didn't!

~A kid with no fear makes a mom with tons

~Coming home is the best feeling ever.....

~Watching your shorties with your buddies kids is always fun, watching these two grow up side by side makes me smile....

~Ah Daycare how I love you... now if only Lovely would let me put her down our house may get cleaned.

~ The words Yard Sale makes my back hurt...

~Pauline and I can laugh at just about anything... but this was a classic..

something we came across

like twins HA HA
~I can sell a t-shirt for a dollar even if it was marked .50 cents..

~I may have stolen a nickname at our yard sale from an awesome lady.. Now Steve's job is to get it to stick..

~Our Pool was the best fifty dollars we ever spent..

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! I have the pleasure of hosting a sleepover with my favourite Superman tonight well my hubby is at a bachelor party..

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