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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coupons,List and Flask Time to grocery shop!

Yesterday was grocery day! I love having a cleaned out fridge and filling it with fresh veggies and fruit and junk food.

I also love the experience of grocery shopping!!
CRAZY I know, but hear me out.
The best part for me about the experience is always, ALWAYS the people watching.

The young kids wandering from one check out to the next trying to get the fastest check out as they have so many uber important things to do that day. And they do this all well texting or yelling on their cell phones.

Or the single guys with their mini carts, you know the one that is basically a basket but on wheels. They always have the same things, cold meat, soups, some TV dinners, bread and Toilet Paper. Love these guys they make me smile each time. I always think the last item made them stop in and why not stock up while their are there...

But my fave is your shopping partner, you know the person,couple or family that you cross paths with in each aisle. As you move to the next aisle you see them coming down the other side and you smile, you node, you ignore whatever but you are connected for that trip.

OH and we can't forget the mom's who are about to losing their shit on their kids..and this my friends was my shopping partner yesterday.

The first time we met I had the toad in my cart and was bookin it, getting stuff crossing off my list and ignoring the non stop talking of mini me. When I saw her I knew she was doing the same, only she had 2 young kids.. YIKES one in the back of the cart and one in the cage/kid seat up front,the kids were yelling at each other and fighting. I looked at her and gave her that, I get it smile. She looked at the Toad and smiled back, no doubt thinking oh that chick has it easy, only one kid!

We moved along the aisle and were making our way to the next when I heard it.. the one kid started to scream and cry. I WANT OUT, I WANT OUT , I WANT OUT.. I WANT OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man I felt for her, we all hate those moments.

The moments where we wish we could push the cart into a tall tower of paper towels watching them crash down around the screaming child. Muting them if only out of pure shock. And then I imagine turning and running out of the store to a new life. A life free of over dramatic, crazy train, unappreciative kids.  I always think when I see mom's in these moments.. where is my flask this chick needs a swig!

 side note we all have a pile of flask kicking around from our husbands wedding party gifts.. please fill it up next time you go grocery shopping and offer it to that mom cuss at the least she will laugh..

I am the kind of mom that in those moments I leave a full ass cart and take my screaming, out of control alien to the car and head home. This women however was on a mission, she was not going to let these kids win. No! She was going to get her stuff and then head to the car to smash the kids heads together explain the proper way to handle yourself in public.

As she moved to the next aisle Rob arrived and took the Toad and headed to the Toy section of Wal-Mart, as I passed my poor new friend the next time I think I saw tear in her eyes as she noticed my son was gone. I half smiled and said what I think each time I see this happening to other mom;s.. There by the grace of God it is not me this time.
She laughed and said Yeah and I wanted to have two! ha ha..

All this was exchanged just in passing, well her son screamed and I reached for salad dressing. We don't know each other, we will never see each other again, and it didn't matter cuss we said to each other I get it, I have been there and your kid maybe crazy but so is mine! This is what makes mom's so awesome! Thanks to my shopping partner and next time sister I will have a drink ready for you in the cracker aisle promise!


  1. I love grocery shopping too. I'm wierd, I know. I feel like it's me taking care of my family. Raise your hand if you were raised poor and hungy! **Raises hand** But I too have been THAT mom. The all time fav was when my bestie and I too 4 of our 5 kids to Trader Joes. My 7 week old new born was in the car carrier on top of the cart while the tornaos of toddlers ran around us. Not 30 seconds after I told the 3-5yr olds not to stand on the sid eof the cart cuz it will tip- they did it. And the baby carrier went flying! GASP! It landed upside down but luckily I had the roll bar (handle) in place & baby was saved. We got many "Been there" looks from other moms that day.

    Margaret (@goodbadfamily)

  2. I hate grocery shopping. So far I have not had melt downs when I have to go though as I am armed with Mum Mums. I actually get asked how I keep him quiet and I say food duh! Oh I dread a toddler and grocery shopping yah I am not willing or ready to go to that spot in my head!

  3. LOL - So funny. I have left more than one full grocery cart when my kiddo had an oh-my-god-life-will-end-if-you-don't-buy-me-something-right-now breakdown. I look forward to more of those trips as my princess gets older! **runs off to dig through boxes and find a grocery store flask**

  4. Amen Sister!!!
    These are the moments that are only shared with those that have "really well behaved kids" just having an off day. Atleast that is what I try and convey in my eyes when I pass other parents and my kid is the one acting up. Sometimes I don't think it is so well received as I might give off the impression that my face is having spasms. They are probably thinking to them selves "what is wrong with that wonder that kid is crying".


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