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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lesson Learned

Another week WOW.. Happy May 2 4 to my Canadian friends and to my American friends this is our long weekend that kicks off summer. It usually involves camping and one day of Rain. OH and a lot of our national drink Beer!

What I learned this week

~I miss sunny days already come on Mother Nature your about due for a throat punch!

~ Wow Monday = bitchy mommy watch out kids and hubby take cover

~Love me some GT Boutique and my fun new jogging Capri's

~ I am gonna blow if I don't get a day of adult chat. for real my head will pop off my friggin body!

~ Our Toad can make me laugh in the most unexpected ways and I love that.

~ This will be the only time I will proudly announce that Lovely has bruised up knees!

~ Frig Babies go from not crawling to runnin around the house

~ I spend 75% of my day wiping someones ass

~ I am sucking at keeping up with my running. I just don't know when to do it? No time :( and I hate it!

~ A morning coffee with my mother in law can make my day.. and the kids!

~Lunch with an old friend can bring equal parts tears and laughter!

~Love Fridays but Love them more when attached to a long weekend and EVEN more when the following week my husband is off!

~ 2 weeks to girls weekend!! I know I am not the only sister counting down!

~Oprah I am starting to freak out now, when are you going to call this whole thing off?

~ Note to self cutting the grass makes you want to have a beer.. only cut grass in the PM

~Kelsey's has TWO menu items with the same name(one is a pasta one is just chicken/potatoes!) and since waitress's are just not like they use to be you should clarify yourself if you wish to eat with your family

ah another week Full of lessons..happy Saturday!


  1. Wow your Lovely is moving and shakin! Little Miss isn't crawling yet...and while I am excited for it, I can wait. LOL And I hear ya on the Oprah thing - I was just thinking this week it would be awesome if she changed her mind...

  2. LOL! Loved reading this and the Oprah comment. Hehe! I found you on Bloggy Moms and am really enjoying your blog. I am "following" you and hope you will too.


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