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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose

Today is a big day in our house, Toad is going to the Oxford County Pre-School Health Fair.
The Flyer advertises the event to be for Children entering school for the first time are offered vision, hearing and dental screening, evaluation of immunization status, and an opportunity to participate in seven interactive stations with their parents.

On the flyer it ask parents to bring two things along, their child's Health Card and their Immunization card.

Okay first this appointment was made in December so I feel I should give myself a star for even remembering it (they did do a reminder call yesterday so I guess that star is gone. CRAP).
So Health Card easy but the Immunization card..hmmmmm not sure where that is??  Now some could use the excuse that we just moved, still I don't think I knew where it was before we moved. And we moved 6 months ago.. nice try Nicole.

Great, just Great I am that mom!  I am going to go to this event with all those "awesome" moms who didn't lose an important document of their child. No star for this move Nicole!! Wait I know where my kid is right now, does that give me a star? No worth a shot I guess. So I did what any irresponsible mom would do I made the 45 minute drive yesterday morning to avoid the stares of those "awesome" moms and got a new card from the doctor.. wait where did i put it? KIDDING

When I returned from London I read the description of the event again and that is when I saw it, something that jumped off as a PROBLEM, Hearing test..

Yikes Toad will not let a doctor or Nurse get near his ears, and lucky for me he woke up good and grumpy today!
I guess there is no way to avoid those stares now, see he has a whole gig that he does when his ears are being check it involves screams and yells (loud) and trying to run away. I have to actually hold him down to get his ears checked.

This should be a great shot for those awesome moms to take home to their play groups.. You will never believe what I saw at the Health Fair..a mom sweating and frantic sitting on her poor kid, he was screaming and yelling and telling her NO MOMMY NO  but she just plopped her fat ass right on him. Can you believe it?

Oh look at the time.. Off to the fair we go.. to be continued!

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  1. LMAO Bribery always works come on now! And atleast it is a cute fat ass. Oh you know you totally decked it out for the event because there was no way you were going to let them add to the story. "You will never believe what I saw at the health fair today...a mom sat on her child...and oh my goodness she was so wearing..." Can't wait to read the outcome.


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