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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lesson Learned

~I am not 19

~A proper place to file important documents is NOT the garbage can

~Kijiji Rocks for interest but SUCKS for people not showing up

~ you can sell a car in 2 days YIPPEE

~Our computer has a bad VIRUS so you will have to call the Gundry for the next little bit and no blog after today :(

~I can change the whole look of my dinning room with 30 dollars worth of fabric ( when my computer is fix pictures to follow)

~I am reminded each day why I feel so blessed thanks to amazing friends and family

~ My birthday is all about Toad's birthday (and I LOVE IT)

~ I love my backyard as much in the summer as I did in the Winter..

~ Kathy is now to only be referred to as the Cake Boss.. (pictures to follow again when I have my own computer back). Thank you we almost didn't eat it cuss it looked so awesome!

~ I love the Sun and warm weather and boy have I missed you

~ As much as I hate how we got the van and that we need a van, I sure do love my minivan.. what .. who said that?

~ I am sooo sad to have no computer cuss I am officially addicted to blogging..thanks dad and jo for letting me use yours today..

~ Talk to you all when I have my computer fixed .. not sure when that is? :(

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  1. I hope it gets fixed soon! I am sure just needs to be wiped clean and operating system reloaded. How do I know this, well I am smart! HA HA not really the hubby is in computers and I have heard him say it!


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