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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Day for Toad

Well last week I asked Toad what would make your 4th birthday perfect? He said he had a list and here it was and in order

1. Go to Disneyland (ah poor kid this birthday is gonna suck)
2. For it to be warm enough to go to the local water park (ohh no rob and I are in some trouble)
3. To race a car (k well legally your not allowed so we are free on this one)
4. To have a stack of pancakes (YIPPPPPEEE we can do this one)

he actually ate almost all of them ha ha

5. To toss a pie in his mom's face. wow this was a ongoing game we played, he pretends to put a pie in my face..but could I do this? Could I give my baby boy his birthday wish??

OH hell yeah!

he LOVED it (what an easy wish to grant!)

look at Lovely?? what the hell ha ha

but the dream took a wee turn when dad got in on the fun

birthday boy got over it but it was a bit of a bump

We had an amazing day with tons of laughs, a visit with Papa and then Dinner with Nonna and Grandma and of course our version of a cake.. yummo!!
Just what he wanted a Globe.. our smartie pants

ps this will now be the only kind of cake i want

his wish he told us was that Papa mac was here :( ME TOO buddy

what a crazy day but your still not to big for Nonna to tip you over! ha ha

We love you beyond words Toad and can't believe your 4 already!! Can't wait to see what this year brings.
HUGS buddy love mom and dad

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  1. Ok a pie in the face that is priceless! He will forever have that memory. He will be 16,20,25 and he will be like remember when....Or will this become a birthday tradition?? :)


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