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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a lucky Girl

Spoiled OH YEAH! Now this is not a braggin post or look at what I got.. but so many people have asked me about what the girls did for me and I wanted to share and this was the best way.

I have heard from so many friends and family today and I LOVE THAT! THANK YOU ALL!!

As well I got my birthday song and a very sweet note from my hubby this morning, my morning b-day wish from the Toad and then the fun started. The kids and I spent most of the day out of the house and when we got home we found this little fun on the garage.

My work mat leave ladies crashed the house and decorated it with a fun scavenger hunt (SO SWEET JL and Steph THANK YOU oh and baby Mikey who came to help). See more of the pics below

mailbox was too small so this is where my HUGE corona was

Toad loved this one.. Run to the other side of the house..

ha ha run back.. got it steph a wee bit of training for my 5km

and my last HUGE Corona


Then my family spoiled me with the fun Dollar store purchases.. I love you guys xoxo
please see the mug that says behind every successful man is an Astonished women ha ha Toad picked it

Then I got the most stunning flowers from The Thorups (god I love you beyond words)

and the Smith's(xoxo thank you soo much xooxoxo)

And my AMAZING new outside patio dinning wear from mom..

Could a girl ask for more WOW!! Thank you all!! You sure make a girl feel loved and special, you can see why each day I find it soo easy to say that I am blessed! xoxoxoxo


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