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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lessons Learned

I'm back!!

Yippee almost 2 weeks no computer YIKES.. First a big fat thank you to Ritchie and Andrea for letting us crash yesterday and hang well Mr. Ritchie fixed up our new laptop to get us back to the world of Facebook, bloggin and Fantasy baseball pools..

Lessons learned last week were LOTS

~I may have the best husband ever who spoiled myself, mom and Grandma on Mother's day THANK YOU !!

~A mother's Day treat at daycare ROCKS

~Surprise sunny mornings spent at the park with your cousins is how you should start each week! thanks for the call Nikki awesome idea!

~I can get a LOT done with no computer to distract me..

~  I love to blog and missed it when I couldn't do it.. like the ability to get it out of my brain :)

~I have to sit on my kid to get his hair cut..

~ feel like a slacker on walks with Marion and Nikki (both have twins)

~ your first scrapped knee on pavement can feel like the end of the world when your 4

~ soccer shoes and uniform will be the only clothes worn by the toad this summer! Thanks Mom xox

~ Doing something for a stranger is the best feeling EVER!!

~ Love having family over and watching your kids love them.. :)

~ Baby Lovely got 2 teeth and started to crawl in 2 weeks

~ as of Friday there is only 4 months left in this girls Mat leave :(

~ I love my kids to death and love to hang with them but need a day off SOON.. Bring on Girls weekend in t-minus 3 weeks..

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