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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Monday is here YIPPEE! What no I am not still drunk from my hubby birthday party this weekend, this is my fave week of the whole year and am sooo excited it is here!! This week is my first baby's birthday.. This Thursday our sweet little toad will be 4 years old!! WHAT where in the world did those years go..
Wasn't this yesterday?

I also love this week cuss it is Mother's Day! All you dad's out there we all LOVE mother's day no matter what the mom in your life says make it BIG.

I personally view this day as THANK YOU day.. The day you get a huge THANK YOU for the crap ass jobs we do with out a blink of an eye.. what jobs you ask? Oh like cuppin our hands to hold our son/daughters barf when they have the flu or cleaning the crap off the baby's back and neck when the diaper explodes. I never got the hand made thank you card from the Toad or Lovely for those?

I think of my mom and her mothers days a lot different now that I am a mommy.
I think of the days she must have had that she wanted to run away or how many cupped hands I never said thank you for. I wonder if she knows that I have loved having her as my mom and that I know how hard it is to be a mom and that she is just human like me and may feel like she wishes she did days or experience differently but I am glad for every bad day, or cupped hand or hug when I cried or looking after my kids and husband for me when I feel a wee bit  unwell. And this year I get to spend Mother's Day Morning waking up with both my mom and her mom at our house!! How cool is it that both my mom and I were blessed to have our kids in the same week as Mother's day!

Another fave part of this week is the Mother's day lunch at Toad's daycare, I just spoke to one of the moms on the phone last night who reminded me it was this Friday (pictures will follow) I am SO excited to get to go and have my little treat with him and his buddies and their mommies!

I will also take the day to look around and appreciate my kids I look at them and think WOW I am just so blessed! These little holy terrors are my fave part of everyday and I get to watch them venture into the world and become little men and women. I get the pure joy of watching the little moments in their journey that they will not remember or think were so important but I will always know they helped shape them and we had a front row seat for them all.

So don't mind me if the excitement of this week boils over on my blog.. I LOVE THIS WEEK!

Happy Early Mother's day to you all !!


  1. I love the Mothers day tea's. I miss them with my oldest who is now 12. I love the cards, the poems, the whole sweet thing! Happy Birthday to your baby! It does go so fast, although I will tell you I love age 4. The ages of 4 to 7 are just so amazlingly sweet. Great picture! Have a wonderful special week!

  2. I can remember being in 1st grade and my mom coming into school and singing her Wind Beneath my wings and then handing her a book I made for her. She just recently handed the book back to me to share with my son, tear! I hope you have a wonderful week and I am sorry I got your birthday mixed up I truly hope you have a calendar to keep them all straight! Can not wait to see pictures of the lunch and Toads party~


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