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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good Bye 1995 Hello 2011

Recently at a BBQ Rob and I met a nice couple who were from our town and they suggested that we exchange phone numbers so we could get together sometime (plus he is my new baby doctor).
We of course knew what would come next as we have been here so many times before, they both pulled out their blackberries and started to store our info. They both looked up at us and gave us the look we too have seen before the where the hell is your phone/berry? And the answer up till this week has been Gundry don't have cell phones!

Stop rubbing your eyes you read that right we have NO cell phones, NO blackberries nothing.. oh no wait that is a lie! I have a thousand year old hand me down flip pay as you go phone that NEVER has minutes on it and is NEVER charged. So I told our new buddy like I have told others before I will just grab a rock and chisel their digits down.

But this week our world got turned upside down and the Gundry have joined the 20th century... Rob got a work phone and I just purchased my first blackberry!! YIKES I see myself addicted as soon as I get it!

And it is soo pretty!!

Bring on this whole new world !


  1. Hahaha... oh, I know that look well. James and I are still in the "no cell phones" world except a cheapo crap one we bought at 7 Eleven that also has no minutes on it. LOL Our families remain baffled, but now it's become a sort of pride point. Hahaha.

  2. That is pretty!!! I just started to be able to text this year!! I have not ventured into the blackberry yet. Slow and steady win the race!!! Lol! Fun post, have fun with your blackberry!

  3. I just joined the iphone ranks but have had a cell for years. Sometimes though I wish I did not have one or that I could pretend I didn't just to be able to have silence or not have to interact. Hope you enjoy your "crackberry"!

  4. i don't have a cell phone. Some call me irresponsible as I drive around with two children in my car and no phone, but I'm saving money and frustration...
    I hate when I'm talking to someone and their face is glued to their iphone or BB... So, I vowed to never be one of those people.
    Now I just pray that If I ever break down, some nice person will stop and let me borrow theirs... lol
    Congrats on the new phone!!

  5. We didn't have phones for the longest time. People thought we were nuts - we were happy to be unreachable! Hubby got a cheapass one when I was pregnant so he could be notified if I popped, and he got me an iphone for my bday (cause I did have a crapass work phone but I was on mat leave for a year) I do love my iphone!


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