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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Superman looks a little green

Well Flu 2011 hit the nest last night our poor toad had a long night so did mommy insert LOTS O COFFEE.

Our night started out fun and carefree unaware of the upcoming events. Toad and Rob went skating and when they got back Grandma was over to give the kidlets their vday presents and visit. Toad had a timbits which he washed down with a Hot Chocolate ( a fun post skate treat) and a Chocolate sucker from Grandma. So as any good parent who let her kid load up on sugar before dinner I was very upset when he would not eat. We told him it was his choice he could miss dinner but he would be VERY hunger later and we would again be taking over the choices of when he can have snacks before meals and how many snacks as he was not able to know when to draw the line. (this is something we believe in but we didn't know he wasn't eating cuss he felt sick) With the fear of snack responsibility taken away he sat there and made himself eat. OH thank god I lost that award cuss this would have taken it for sure.

After dinner we always move from the dinner table to the bath, so off we went poor guy was laying in the washroom on the floor when I got up there holding his belly. I said you going to live? His quick response was don't think so.. i of course laughed and carried on with the night as he was in the bath he said he needed to get out and he sure did... I will save you the details but fast forward to him in our bed in his superman pj looking green as a Toad and this is where you can find him now.. only thing is he is now Batman .. i told you it was a long night.

The one thankful thing is so far Lovely, and mom and dad show no sign of sickness. I think it is horrible to watch your kids be sick and to be so scared and sad as he was broke my heart. The only good thing about the flu is that I get to hug and kiss and snuggle my little man and that never happens. Plus if you know us well you know the last time the flu hit our house we got a pretty great gift..
Here's hoping this skips your house this year!

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