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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Old Lady!

I always found it fitting that you were born so close to Valentines Day, if I was to describe you to someone who didn't know you I would simply say LOVE.
Your heart is so big I marvel that it fits in your body! Your sweet spirit oozes from you! One of the best thing about you is your belly laugh, I find myself acting like a 4 year old repeating anything that makes you laugh to hear it over and over again. Your grace and smile touch people each day, in unexpected place and most ordinary ways..A smile at the grocery store, seeing you whip down the slopes, a helping hand with my kids you touch people and they are changed for having you in their day.

You see obstacles as simple ways to show people how bad you want something, this is admirable and not something you find in most people. You have faced many obstacles , pushed them down, smiled your HUGE smile and keep on going as if laughing at it as you move past.

I have loved you since I knew of you, I have loved watching you become the young lady you are and can't wait to see what you have in store of us in years to come. I have read on many magazine covers about Fearless Females, or Warrior Women and I am blessed to have one in my family, her name is Syd and she is 10 today! Happy Birthday Old Lady.. I love you beyond words...

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