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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On the dating scene again.

Making a new friends at my age seems a bit like dating to me, you may meet a new Mom friend at the gym (who are we kidding we all no this is not where I meet friends) through another friend or like most of us through our kids. I feel like in the last few months I have been "dating" a few new friends, you meet lets say at a kids sports game or daycare or something and start to date. You see each other once a week or once a day and start to feel each other out. For me the check list goes like this (and in order)
Are they Crazy- Nope! Good still dating. I have met a few and sadly had to say Yes here and the dates were over. I avoided standing by then at events or talking to them in my driveway we had to break up.

Are you on the market- Yes the friendship market.. Are you interested in making new friends, we all know the old motto I have enough friends I think RG trademarked this for a while. (thank god he changed his mind)

Are they funny- Very important to me! I love to laugh and need someone who sees the humour in normal life. If they aren't, is their spouse cuss really  I am good with either being funny. Both is a jackpot but I will take one.

Do they have a normal view of your children- Do they get that kids are good bad and ugly at times, do they get that I am in no way shape or form in a competition with them and their kid.

If we have checked these off as yes I move on, much like when your looking for your mate you start to increase your contact. Maybe a few phone calls, set up a play date or a dinner with the family something to show your interested in moving forward.

Now if you like this couple or Mom you need to bring your A game,you want them to see your best side.
So I like to save my screaming at my kid to get in the car or put on his boots for at home or a play date with my Girls who know me and have already married me.
Next you want to listen more and talk less I like to save my rants about cleaning, hubby and anything negative for my crew. We know she has the same rants but your just dating so we may want to save these chats for later on in the relationship.
All in all you are dating! You are testing each other out to see if you click do you have the same ideas on life, friendship, relationships and laughter. Over the years I have been blessed to have mom friends who have come into my life for a reason or even just a season and they have forever changed me! I have fun getting to know someone new and finding out about their families, lives and kids. And every once in a while you get to meet someone who clicks.

I have to say that today I am still laughing after an awesome "date" yesterday with a new friend. I laughed, cried and had to call my hubby to come pick me up since I couldn't drive home! This friend and I are going to keep dating we had way to much fun to break up now!

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