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Monday, August 22, 2011

11 Months old and got it all figured out!

Growing up I always wished for a big brother, I am the oldest so that of course was not the case. When we found out that we were having a boy the first time around I was soo excited our second child would get what I always wished for a BIG BROTHER..

For Miss Lovely this means a lot of things but lately this means her brother comes to her rescue daily.

Lovely is getting frustrated that she can't walk, she tries her walking toy but when it hits a wall or couch she doesn't know how to move it to get back at it.

Now this has not stopped Lovely from getting around no no she has figured out a method to get this under control let me set the scene.

Movin, walking going good BANG (wall, couch,door, mom's legs something) ah ah ah
footsteps..Jax appears and move the walker.
Hmmm good little system sweetie.. He sure loves you!

I have seen this happen well Jax is watching a show, playing in the other room or upstairs.. I of course watch all this from my seat on the couch with my coffee in one hand. Jax just doesn't get that if she gets frustrated enough she will either walk OR learn to move it.. But the funnier part is that if Jax is in Daycare she never lets out a peep for help.

Lovely I hope your brother comes to help you whenever you find yourself up against a wall.. Just remember a few things 1) mom may be stepping to the side to let you figure it out for yourself. And 2)In the years to come don't get to mad at Flash he is a superhero and when he hears a call for help it is his obligation to come.

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