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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Jaxon

Toad I watch you this weekend at grandpa and said a little prayer, I prayed that as you grow your personality continues to stay the same.

You are so funny, you make people laugh and you light up when they do. I watch in awe as you can get people to gather around you and hold court and your 4.

This summer well at the pool in Bayfield I watched as Cooper and his friends made their way over to hang with you. I watched them crack up laughing as you stood on the deck with your muscles flexed and saying welcome to the gun show ladies, you kissed your arms and jump in. They could not get enough of you. Your four!, but that never crosses your mind.

Your spirit seems bigger then your body, your spirit makes people want to be around you. This is such a gift that I hope as you grow only grows with you. Your excitement for life, cars, soccer, and your family is infectious.

I have spent the last year silently standing beside you or sitting on the floor  watching your relationship grow with one special girl.. She watches your every move, she waits on baited breath for you to look her way, she glows when you play with her and she floats when you put your attention on her. I have seen you grow into a loving, patient and kind brother.  I say it to you each every day but I want it in writing. She is soo lucky to have you as a brother and you are soo lucky to have her as a sister, as for your dad and I our cups runneth over..

One of my favourite things is to watch your wheels turning and see the humour pour out of you.

I hope over time you don't change to fit in with a group or that you forget how much you love hanging with your family. I hope no one ever tells you to tone it down or makes you feel the need to change. I think you are amazing the way you are and I can tell you Toad a lot of people agree. I for one am your biggest fans!

So own who you are, keep making us laugh, remember accidents happen and so do mistake we don't freak we just clean up, keep the hugs and love coming. And remember no one can make you feel less then you are unless you give them the power. But when in doubt just look behind you Dad and i will never be too far away.

Enjoy this next year buddy it's gonna be a great one!

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  1. I looked at the title of this, and knew that I shouldn't read it when I'm so emotional,, but I broke, I read...
    You should be proud mama! JAX is a very lucky boy to have you!


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