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Sunday, August 7, 2011

911- I have an Emergency

Have you ever known something was wrong with you but just not sure what it was?

I have and for a few weeks now knew something had happened to me. I didn't know if it happened while out with the kids or had it happened here at home? I didn't know.

Either way I was scared, I knew it was bad but like most people I didn't want to admit something was wrong.

So I did what anyone does now a days and I hit the Internet. I spent hours googling my symptoms NOTHING.
I would lay in bed awake wondering what was going on, and I was scared that life would never be as it was before.

I debated talking to my friends and family about it but didn't want to worry anyone. I would never go to Rob as I knew what he would say.
But then last week I found my answer in a fellow blogger post. It was like Oprah told me it would be, AH HA!!!

I lost my bloggy Mojo!! AH HA.

As I read the post I knew she was there with me. I knew she had those desperate moments where you get to 3 in the afternoon and think mother father nothing funny has happened, or sweet or interesting or anything really !

I have spent the last few weeks sweating and worrying and really it is just a stage! I need to let it roll..
So I am sure much like the toad's penis obsession this stage will pass and I will be back with something funny to say soon..

Till then if you love me please do something funny in front of me please!

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