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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Parent / Guardian

Well I may have just found my mojo.... So Toad you will be cruising to school on the big yellow bus in 4 weeks, I am not going to lie this thought makes me throw up a bit in my mouth.
I worry that you will not be able to make it up the steps with your little backpack on, that as you look down the long walk way you will wonder why I am making you do this on your own,  I worry you will fall or hurt yourself on the bus and be scared and embarrassed forced to handle it alone.
I worry that someone will be mean to you or make fun of you , I am scared that you will miss the stop or get scared and not want to get off at school. I swear the list goes on and on.

Today we received a letter in the mail from the Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services that put a brand new fear into me... Let me quote part of the letter

As a reminder, SK/JK students must be accompanied to the and met at the bus stop by a parent/guardian (REALLY? STRANGE is it frowned upon to let a 4 or 5 year old wander the streets unsupervised???). If a parent or guardian is not at the bus stop, the bus driver will keep the student on the vehicle and return the student to the school upon completion of the route(Oh good so if my before and after lady who also does daycare is late Toad gets a extra long cruise on the Yellow Submarine? Sweet). If school staff are not available to assume responsibility for the student, the student may be taken to Children's Aid.  PARDON ME? Did you say Children's Aid??

Note to Self remember to double check Granny Nanny schedule to be sure she is never late picking up the Toad or he and his new foster brother and sister will be enjoying dinner well Rob and I fight to get our kid back from CAS.. This STS means business!!


  1. Wording of this letter is a little harsh. In our school board a similar letter is sent home, but it explains in gentler wording that JK/SK (and I think first graders) must be dropped off and picked up by an ADULT and not an older sibling, etc. My daughter rode the bus for a short ride in JK. I had all the same worries but everything went fine. She quickly made a bus buddy and often would choose the bus over a ride. The only thing that ticked me off was that she would get off the bus in the dead of winter with her coat unzipped and her hat and mitts off. When I asked the teacher about making sure she was bundled before leaving school I was told it was my responsibility to teach her how to do these things. She got hot while waiting for the bus would start to undress, and although able to redress herself wouldn't because no one was MAKING her. Frustrating to stand at the stop in the freezing cold dressing her!

  2. Gee thanks,, I didn't have any of those fears until reading your post, and now I'm throwing up in my mouth just a little bit!!! lol
    How are we ever going to let our babies go??
    I try to remember that they are a lot more resilient than we are!!
    With the whole bus thing,, wow! It's almost tempting to be a little late and see what happens.. It it wasn't for Jax being affected, it would be worth it to see how serious they are because really? Children's aid? Come on!!

  3. Sarah I for sure want to push it one day.. ha ha.. if he is bad the night before.. I may just run a bit late getting him :)

    Sadie I would be soo pissed off! I do not do winter well so if that was me I would snap!


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