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Monday, August 15, 2011

30 days oh Fun has started

Well my friends I am officially in the under 30 days of mat leave. Am I freaking you ask?? OH HELLS YA!! but the other night when I was laying in bed worrying about the transition and all the stuff I want to get done I thought of all the fun stuff I want to do too, the peeps I want to share these 30 days with and the memories I want these kidlets to have.

So let the 30 days of fun begin.. I will spend each day doing something either productive or fun or interesting..

Today is some puttering around the house and a visit to our "fave" park this afternoon.

I want to squeeze these little shorties and hear their laughter as much as possible these next 28 days.. I will post a picture in Pic of the day from the day before to share some of the fun we get up to.  This week Lovely is going to meet her daycare lady and Toad is in school two days so we will get a bunch of fun and a bunch of stuff off our list!

Happy Monday EVERYONE!!

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