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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet the Teach

So to say the Toad has been excited to meet his teacher would be an understatement. I had to answer the question how many more days so much that I finally just put a calendar and pen on his door and let him count it down. So yesterday morning when he woke up he freaked he screamed ONE MORE SLEEP!!

Last night when Camryn and I picked him up at daycare he was a bit warm, I thought it was cuss he had just came in from outside, WRONG.. You guessed it he was sick... the poor kid who never slows down asked me to stop reading him books cuss he wanted to go to sleep.. I should have know he was in bad shape.

After a long night of me in bed with him and him really not well we awoke to ... a happy boy with no fever!! YIPPPEE we get to go meet my teacher today he yelled (at 430am) I assured him he was right but that it was not time to get up yet. Rob was of course up for work so Jax had to arrange with him a few last minute details.. Dad you need to drive and help us work as a team to find my room... AHHHH I love this kid (not so much at 430 am)...

So off we went this afternoon, we dropped Lovely off at Granny Nanny and the three of us drove to big boy school.. Jax was pumped.. He was vibrating in the back he could hardly handle the excitement.

We met Mrs. C and played in his classroom, gym, library,met the principle and even got to play with his best buddy on the playground. It was a great day he had a blast.. It was so great to see him get excited and watch him start a new part of his life. (insert tears for mom)..

As the three of us left I stopped at the school sign and looked around and said well Toad you sure have a pretty awesome school at the same moment Rob said oh.. I don't think they want the kindergarden kids to see this! Bent down and picked up something. I had to know what it was so he opened his hand to reveal a Vegas strip card.. If you have ever been to Vegas you know that those cards have FULL on naked women on it and so did this one... Rob and I burst out laughing.. So today we learnt what room Jax is gonna be in, that his school has a hidden playground and Las Vegas sescorts has a $69 special with Emily. Gonna be a great year with tons of new adventures, laughter and funny ass stories!!

Toad and Rob in his Classroom with his teacher...

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