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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A note from my mom to me and from me to JL

4 years ago I got this email from my mom, it was the night before I went back to work from mat leave with the Toad. It meant the world to me cuss I felt like noone knew how I was feeling but this showed me there was people out there that got it. My mom once felt this way about my sister and I. I have since shared this with many mom's returning to work and today is not just a hard day for me but for my buddy JL and so girl this one is for you!! A huge hug is waiting for you tomorrow morning at work, if you can do the two flights of stairs to get to me.

This is what I know:

I know how difficult it will be to sleep tonight.
I know how difficult it will be tomorrow morning.
I know how difficult it will be to leave him.
I know how difficult it will be to drive away.
I know how difficult it will be to not to call every hour.
I know how difficult it will be to concentrate on your job.
But I know this:
How wonderful it will feel to drive home, knowing what a good a job you did today and how good it will feel to have him in your arms again.
I know how it will feel putting him to sleep to awaking to another wonderful day.
And this is what I know:
You are the best parent any child could ever have and he is blessed.
You will continue to do the very best for this child every step of the way.
And I know this :
Your little boy(it said toad) is a very fortunate child and has had a wonderful (almost) year with his mommy!
Hang in there JL!!

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  1. I went back to work after my first child and it was the hardest thing I'd ever done! Best of luck to you!! I'm your newest follower from Bloggy Moms :)


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