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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tales of a JK Nothing

What did you like most about your first day?

Toad had an amazing first day of school, he loved everything about it! I went to pick him up at the bus stop, I chatted with other mom's and could hardly wait to hear about this day.
The bus rounded the corner, the door opened and who was first off but the Toad, he had no coat on , no hat on and no backpack but he had the HUGEST smile on his face.

I walked up and said where is your backpack? He turned to go back up but as you would guess 20 other older kids were trying to get down. He yelled up I don't have my backpack!

A older girl passed it down to him, which got him moving to the relief of the older kids all rolling their eyes and desperate to get home after a long day of school. I said where is your hat? And coat? He looked around confused but then came Andrew his little daycare buddy now bus buddy with his hat and told me his coat was in the backpack.

I looked back at the Toad but he was gone, he was over talking to Lovely in her stroller. He was screaming he was so excited, Camryn I was at BIG SCHOOL, I had soo much fun I have new friends I love Big school.... energy oooozing out of his little body.

We headed home to meet dad, as we got in the car I grabbed his backpack and noticed he did not have anything to drink all day.

Me-Toad did you not want something to drink today?
Toad- NO I did but I couldn't get it open.
My heart broke for a second. My baby needed help but he didn't ask for it :( 
Me-oh gosh buddy you have to ask for help. Big boys ask for help
Toad-THEY DO ??
Me- look at daddy he is a big boy right? and mom has to helps him all the time right? ZING!

He had that juice done by the time we got home.  Poor kid was dying of thirst.

We tried desperately to get him to tell us some stories and fun things he did but he just kept saying that he loved it all and that he had fun and didn't want to come home. Good enough I guess.
But then it happened we were getting some pizza for dinner and he said that a little boy in his class got in a lot of trouble today.

Here we go, a little bit of gossip, Rob and I asked why? He continued to tell us and I said ya well mom is not surprised.
Later Rob asked me why I was not surprised and I said that is the same boy who arrived at meet the teacher on a leash..Good news for Jax is that he can not possible be the worst listener in the class with that little buddy there..

Ah gonna be a great year with lots of laughs and great stories...

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  1. That is awesome!!! Gracie has her first day alone, for the full day on Monday.. it will be with half the class..
    I met 4 of the kids in her class yesterday and I felt the same as least I know she won't be the WORST kid in the class...
    It also made me cringe because there goes my angel's innocence!!! *TEAR*


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